Upping Your Fitness Game: The Best Fitness Apps For You

When it comes to your workout regimen, trying to decide just what guides to follow or plans to utilize can be hard. There are so many different fitness gurus, programs, and books to choose from. Much of the population is beginning to turn to mobile apps to guide them through a workout, and help them track their progress. When you look at all the apps to choose from in your phone’s app store it can seem very overwhelming! There are a plethora of different apps to choose from that promote different kinds of fitness.  From yoga and meditation apps, to HIIT and LIIT based apps the market is full of viable workout options. For someone who is relatively new on their fitness journey, or someone looking to completely change their workout game, it can be a trial and error process to find out what the best apps out there are. Were here today to discuss some of the best and most popular fitness apps so that you can make the best out of your workout today!

A recent study conducted by JMIR Publications shows that fitness participants and workout enthusiasts who used a fitness app were more active than those who did not, and even had a lower BMI. So not only can a fitness app give you some guidance where you may not have any, but it has the ability to improve your fitness even more than if you had just used a written program or work by your own guidance. While there are some apps that focus on the overall body, many of them are tailored to a specific type of fitness. Discussing them in segments will allow you to decide what apps might work best for you, and even find a new form of fitness you previously knew nothing about. Don’t forget to take your Stem Cell Based Restore Supplements after your workout, either! SSLA Lifestyle’s supplements focus on returning your body to its optimal state while giving it many of the antioxidants and nutrients it needs.


Running is one of the most popular forms of cardio exercise. Hundreds of thousands of people across the globe train for races, while others just run for fun or to clear their heads from the everyday stresses and trials of life. Running is great for toning and conditioning the legs while also getting in your aerobic exercise, so it comes as no surprise that there are so many different running apps to choose from. Don’t worry! We’re gonna detail the best ones, starting with the highly-popular Couch to 5K. This app, available on both IOS and Android, is perfect for anyone who is just breaking into the runners world. The app guides you through workouts each week that slowly work to increase your stamina and do exactly what the title states: get you off the couch and in the 5K race! It tracks your time and distance via is GPS, and you’ll even receive cues from a virtual coach! Strava is one of the most popular run apps for advanced runners, beginners, and even cyclists. Strava allows you to see how other runners fared if they’ve run the same route that you are, as well as offering you GPS and an array of different stats and metrics.

When it comes to a workout like yoga, having a great app can come in handy. Often you need to visualize poses and combinations of movements, something simply looking at a photo might not be able to provide. Down Dog is a highly popular yoga app, as its free membership is nearly identical to the paid membership. The app offers three different class structures, and it’ll scrambled movements and workouts for you so you never repeat the same workout twice. Daily Yoga is perfect for beginner yogis, although workouts for all level are offered on the platform. The programs range from days to weeks and center around a theme, and Daily Yoga offers more than 100 classes. If you’re looking for just a meditation app, Headspace is one that we would highly recommend. Created by a Buddhist monk to promote mindfulness, the app has hundreds of guided meditations over a variety of subjects ranging from two to fifteen minutes in time. They also recently introduced a mindful eating program on the platform, something that any fitness enthusiast can appreciate.


Finding the right fitness app that offers exercises for all skill levels can be tough, but the overall best fitness app out there according to another study published by JMI is The Johnson and Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout. This app was designed specifically to meet the standards of fitness set by the American College of Sports Medicine. It includes aerobic, strength training, and even interval training exercises and programs. It is great for a beginner, and provides some of the best full body workouts that anyone can follow. Nike+ Training Club is another great option for a full body workout, as this app gives you the option for exercises with and without equipment. All of the 100+ workouts were developed by Nike trainers, and you can even log your stats from other exercises and fitness activities into the app similar to a fit watch.

Aaptiv is the final fitness app we’re going to cover, and you’ve probably heard of this one as it has garnered a lot of popularity recently. You can follow programs for all forms of fitness, from running to strength training to flexibility, while being guided by a trainer. With thousands of workouts to choose from, spending the monthly price on the app is definitely worth it. Don’t let inexperience keep you from a workout. You have an endless amount of resources, but it’s up to you what to do with them!

SSLA Writer