The Fit Trend: Changing Up Your Routine

Establishing a routine is one of the fundamentals of incorporating regular exercise into your day-to-day life, but just  like any other repeated activity it can begin to feel dull after a while. Adding some variance into your workout can be the key to rejuvenating your passion for fitness, or motivating you to get up off the couch and try something new. Getting out of your comfort zone might be exactly what you need to reignite your drive for a healthier and fit lifestyle. After detailing some of the more popular fitness classes and activities currently offered, we’ll discuss some of the little tweaks you can make to a workout on any cardio machine to amp up your workout.

One of the most interesting and exciting new workout trends that has garnered some serious popularity this year are mash-up workouts and classes. One of the best ways to enjoy a work out is to do something a little different each time. For example, a yoga class one day and a crossfit workout the next. Adding variance to your workout is one way to condition the body while beating the fatigue that often accompanies repetition. Mashup classes do just this for you in one class! These types of classes bring together two different fitness disciplines together into one class usually spanning 90 minutes. Cross training is important when it comes to conditioning the body, and taking a yoga/cycle mashup is a great way to accomplish this. Not only does it get your heart pumping and work your muscles to the core, but it gives your routine a nice refresher.


While boxing isn’t exactly new to the fitness world as an effective workout, it has grown to be one of the more popular workout classes to choose from. Boxing is great for gym goers and workout enthusiasts aiming for a more athletic physique, and for those looking for a serious burn. Boxing is a great workout for those really looking to torch some calories, as well as anyone trying to strengthen their core. Some boxing classes even offer punching bags filled with water as it reduces the impact and pressure on the joints and bones in the hands and wrists.

For a workout that brings out the child in everyone, try trampolining. Trampoline workouts are great for a total body burn, as they tighten and tone while you also reap the benefits of the cardiovascular aspect of the trampoline. One of the biggest advantages to a trampoline workout is that it gives your joints a break from traditional cardio exercise, like running or jump rope. If you’re looking for an effective, fun workout that’s easy on the bones don’t miss a chance to break out your inner kid and check out a trampolining class. Or, if you have a small trampoline at home, try an at-home trampolining circuit to test the waters.

Versaclimbers have quickly become a popular workout trend, and definitely worth taking a class for the experience. A Versaclimber is a cardio machine geared towards a total body workout as well as cardiovascular exercise. At first glance the machine can look rather intimidating, and upon your first encounter with it the movements might feel award or wonky at first. Once you get used to it, a workout on a Versaclimber can change your fitness game. A session or class involving a Versaclimber can help target muscles that aren’t often targeted, and the machine has a low impact on the body, so It’s perfect for a lower intensity workout that still helps shed sweat and tone at the same time without putting major pressure on joints and bones.

Now this isn’t exactly a class based workout, though classes are offered around the globe, but Low Intensity Interval Training known as LIIT has become a fixture in the fitness world. Similar to the ever-popular HIIT exercises, LIIT involves interspersing strength training with longer intervals of rest spanning minutes instead of the seconds associated with HIIT. It is a perfect workout for anyone who is somewhat new to the fitness world, anyone coming off of an injury, or anyone not quite ready for the intensity of many of the other workouts to choose from. One of the best things about LIIT is that almost any workout or exercise can be modified to be a low intensity interval workout. An example of a LIIT exercise would be a one and a half to two minute jog followed by a three to five minute period of walking. Basically, you can take any HIIT workout and make it a LIIT workout and still burn calories while building muscle and toning the body.

If none of these innovative workouts and classes suit your fancy, there are ways to make your most basic cardio equipment provide you with a seriously intense workout. One of the best pieces of equipment when it comes to burning, toning, and supporting your joint and bone health is the elliptical. An elliptical trainer is a stationary machine that simulates walking, running, and climbing with a low physical impact on the body. The elliptical is also a machine that can be used by people of any fitness level, so whether you’re an experienced pro or a gym newbie the elliptical can work for you.



One of the best ways to utilise the elliptical to its full potential is to incorporate Tabata training. Tabata is a form of HIIT that consists of 8 rounds of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off (rest) per circuit. The key is in those 20 seconds on, you have to give it your all and then some. You have to push yourself at the thought of the 10 second reward that welcomes you after your 20 second exertion. One full Tabata circuit may only be four minutes of time, but it is sure to give you a workout that pushes you. You can also utilize the elliptical for a targeted workout, essentially using it as more than just a cardio machine. For example, are you trying to focus on your core? Let go of the handles, and you’ll engage the muscles in your core to stay balanced. The harder you push hands-free, the more intense the workout!

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