SSLA Lifestyle's Soothe: What's In It

Have you ever read through an ingredients list and recognized some things, but had no clue exactly what they were? Don’t worry it happens to the best of us. It goes without saying that often times we don’t know too much about what we’re putting in or on our bodies other than that they’re considered good or beneficial to us. Understanding some of the roots and background to the ingredients we often see, or ingredients we are unfamiliar with,  is important. Would you order a drink without knowing what it contains? Today we’re going to cover some of the ingredients you will find in SSLA Lifestyle’s Soothe Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream. Designed to keep pain at bay, Soothe is a topical ointment that helps relieve joint pain, sore muscles, and any other aches and pains that life might throw at you.

One of the many unique properties of Soothe is that it contains wintergreen oil. Wintergreen oil is known generally for its minty fresh scent, and associates it with pain relief. The oil comes from an evergreen plant called the Gaultheria procumbens and is native to North America. One of the more interesting things about the plant is that the leaves themselves are both odorless and tasteless, and retrieving the oil from the plant is actually not a complicated process. Wintergreen oil is mainly composed of methyl salicylate, which is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to the pain relieving aspect of Soothe. Wintergreen oil can help with all sorts of pain, not just muscle and joint pain. One of the most interesting qualities the oil has is that it can help prevent bacterial infection, and is a choice oil for those who use essential oils for their potential healing properties.

Another ingredient in Soothe that you might not know much about is jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is particularly special due to its ability to mimic the natural oils found in both skin and hair. Jojoba oil is also full of moisturizing properties that make it great to be found in any lotion or cream you apply to the skin. Jojoba oil is actually a liquid that comes from the seed of the Simmondisa chinensis, a plant native to southern Arizona, southern California, and northwest Mexico. Jojoba is also important due to it being utilized in different and unique ways. For example, you can use jojoba oil as a makeup remover, or as a prevention of razor burn. You can even use it as a primer or base for your foundation, as it locks moisture into the skin and does no harm to pores. It can also be known to helpful in reducing the appearance of fine line and wrinkles on skin.

Cinnamonum Camphora is another one of the special ingredients found in Soothe, and a very interesting one at that! Native to China, cinnamonum camphora is an evergreen tree that has been introduced to an array of other locations. The tree can grow to be between 60-100 feet tall, but it is the essential oil that comes from the tree used in Soothe. This particular oil has very similar properties to the others we have discussed thus far, but also has a few added bonuses so to speak. Cinnamonum camphora was once used to treat pain from bruising, wounds, and inflammation. This feature makes it extremely beneficial to the pain-relieving qualities of Soothe. It can also be used to treat cold sores or acne when directly applied to the irritated location of skin. Certain varieties can even help treat the symptoms of chronic pneumonia or bronchitis!

The final ingredient we’ll cover that’s found in SSLA Lifestyle’s Soothe is sunflower oil. Sunflower oil has a plethora of benefits to your health, but many people don’t think about sunflowers being used for their oils. Sunflower oil is non-volatile oil easily extracted from sunflowers, and the main producers of the oil are found outside of the United States. Sunflower oil is an extremely healthy alternative to many of the vegetable oils we cook with on a daily basis. It can help to lower cholesterol levels, boost heart health, and improve the immune system if you add it into your diet (or swap out your regular cooking oil for sunflower oil). The oil has immense benefits when it comes to skin as well, and can even be used to treat athlete’s foot. Sunflower oil is rich with vitamin E, making it great for protecting your skin from damage. In terms of how it is beneficial to joint pain or aching, sunflower oil has great anti-inflammatory qualities that derive from both its vitamin content and the beneficial fatty acids found in the oil.

SSLA Lifestyle’s Soothe Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream is full of important vitamins and oils to help relieve the pain while also hydrating the skin. Soothe has oils and ingredients not often found in every pain cream, providing users with relief and a fresh clean finish. Knowing the details of what we are putting in and on our body is important to fully reaping the benefits of the products that we rely on. These four ingredients are just a few of what makes Soothe so effective for temporary pain relief, and sets it apart from other muscle gels, rubs, and creams on the market. Using Soothe for any aches and pains will not only bring you relief, but moisturize and soften the area in pain allowing for even more free movement. Soothe was designed for delivering the optimal comfort in a time where comfort may not seem achievable, and with its specifically chosen ingredients and oils Soothe sure delivers.

SSLA Writer