Gym Gains: Navigating the Gym with Confidence

Let’s face it: going to the gym isn’t always as fun as we’d like it to be. Sometimes it’s hard to push ourselves after a long day at the office or running errands to make it to the gym or to a group fitness class. Motivating yourself to put the time in at the gym is tough, but there are other things that can hold us back other than this one particular issue. For some, it’s exhaustion. For others, it’s simply not having the time that day. Out of all the things that often prevent us from getting through the gym doors, confidence (or a lack thereof) is one of the biggest hurdles often faced by fitness enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels. Going to a gym can feel like a very scary experience, especially if you’re relatively new to weights and machines or working out somewhere other than your own home. We’re here today to give you some tips and tricks for working out in the gym with confidence, because sometimes everyone needs a little confidence boost.

Navigating the gym floor can be scary. Maybe you’ve been sticking by the cardio machines because you were a little too intimidated by the machines. Maybe you tried a machine once upon a time but you couldn’t get comfortable, or you did try that machine and had no clue what you were doing so you gave up and retreated back to the lockers. Even worse is when you’re surrounded by shredded gym-goers who clearly know what they’re doing, but you’re too scared to ask anyone for help including the gym staff. Well fear no more, because there are some really small things that you can add into your gym time that will build your confidence and make your time that much more enjoyable. After your kick-butt, confidence boosting workout be sure to cool off with SSLA Lifestyle’s Stem Cell Based Soothe. This aloe-based cream helps to relieve any joint aches and pains often associated with sore muscles. You can learn more about and purchase Soothe HERE!


One of the first things that can help with your security and confidence in the gym is to go in with a plan. Having a guideline of what exercises you’re doing and what part of the body you’re working out that day will significantly reduce the stress or anxiety being in the gym may make you feel. Look up a workout plan and take pictures of it, or save a pdf of your day’s workout to your phone. This will help prevent you from wandering around aimlessly. Another interesting tidbit of information to helping you navigate the gym with confidence is to consider doing workouts that require one chunk of the gym each time.

For example, if you’re doing legs one hang out by the free weights. Grab the dumbbells you need for your lunges and squats, and stay in the same area. Another day, venture over to the arm machines and stay in that area. Spending some time in small localized spots of the gym will allow you to become more familiar with them while also allowing you to watch others in your immediate area. Another helpful thought when it comes to navigating the gym with confidence is knowing that you are not the only one who is still learning the ins and outs of the floor and the machines. Chances are, there are more people at your gym just like you than you’d think!

While we’re on the topic of machines, there are a few more helpful hints to increase your confidence and prevent you from getting discouraged. We all know that the machines can seem very complicated, but learning to navigate them really isn’t too complicated. What it comes down to is being safe. When you sit down on a new machine, check the weight stack before you start working out. If a pin isn’t in all the way, you may falter to move the weight which can in turn discourage you from using that machine again. Don’t forget to adjust the machines to suit your body as well. Often times we forget this very important step, and then we feel uncomfortable on the machine. This can also deter us from coming back to that machine, and feeling confident in the gym.


Another great way to gain confidence when it comes to the gym floor is to take advantage of your gym’s trainer services. If you’re gym doesn’t have one, hire one for a few sessions. Learning from a trainer the proper form, rhyme, and reason behind many exercises and machines will give you the knowledge you need to work out effectively. And with enough effective workouts, the confidence will come. Trying a few classes at your gym, and meeting some other gym goers can be helpful as well. This way you always have a buddy you’re comfortable with to answer a question about form or function that you might have.  Last, but not least, when it comes to your confidence don’t be afraid to ask for help. Establish a repertoire with the staff, and let them know you might have questions and concerns. They should be more than willing to help you and address any questions you have, thus giving you the confidence you want when it comes to your gym sessions.

SSLA Writer