Gym Bag Essentials: What to Keep in Your Bag

When it comes to hitting the gym, being prepared for the rest of your day afterwards is important. Many people workout in the early morning before their day even begins, and some hit the gym on their lunch breaks or in between jobs. Having all the essentials that you need both at the gym and after your workout are important for your recovery and success in the rest of your day. We’ve compiled some of the essentials to carry in your gym bag to ensure that the rest of your day is just as great as your workout was. From things to keep you clean to post-workout nutrition and hydration, we’ll cover all the moving parts that form the ultimate gym bag.

Keeping fresh after a workout is important, especially if your day hasn’t even begun yet. Carrying deodorant in your gym bag is an important part of your after-workout cleansing. No one wants to go to work or run errands smelling like a 6am sweat session! You can use whatever deodorant works best for you, or you can try a dry spray deodorant. One of the more popular options are deodorant wipes, as they’re quick and easy when you’re on the go and great for just tossing in you bag. Not everyone has time to style their hair post workout and shower, so if you don’t feel like traditionally shampooing your hair keeping dry shampoo in your bag can be a lifesaver. Not only does it give your hair a clean look and softness, it smells great too! Dry shampoo is great to have for any occasion, but definitely has an important place in any gym bag.


Having hair ties and a hair brush on hand in your gym bag are especially important if you’re headed to work after the gym. After a shower post sweat sesh it’s hard to put yourself together to head to work if you don’t have the tools you need! For optimal time and space saving, putting together a travel-sized shower kit: face wash, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and a razor. Find a cute and easy to clean carrying case, throw these items in there, and keep it in your bag. This is also great for traveling; if you’re planning a trip in the near future you’ve already got your shower bag packed and ready to go. Don’t forget a moisturizing lotion for your face and body. Using a lotion particularly on your hands will help calluses from gripping the gym equipment. If you’re not about using the gym showers and don’t have time to shower before heading out for the day, keep body cleansing wipes in your bag to get the job done until you can get home and shower.

Keeping a towel in your gym bag is a great idea. Most gyms give out towels to patrons, but not all of them. Having your own towel is great for those times when you’re taking a class or working out outdoors. You can even use it for extra padding for knees or elbows when on the ground or the mat doing some stretches or floor-based exercises. A reusable water bottle is another staple for any gym bag. Any gym you visit is going to have a water fill station or water fountain, just how any outdoor park you may do a workout in will. A reusable water bottle is great because you can refill as often as necessary and carry it with you for the rest of the day to stay hydrated. Having a hat in your gym bag is also great for outdoor workouts; not only do they look stylish, but they help block the face from the dangerous rays of the sun outdoors. Indoors, they help keep hair out of your face, and your eyes focused where they need to be.


A very important part of any workout is the recovery period after your workout. Keep a post workout snack like a protein bar in your bag for a boost of sustenance on your way to work. Nourishing your body after a workout is important, so keeping non perishable snacks in your gym bag can be a lifesaver when you don’t have time for a meal before heading out from your workout. Nuts, organic jerky, and peanut butter crackers are other really great alternatives that won’t go bad if they’re in your bag longer than a day or two. One thing that it’s hard to do without at the gym is a pair of headphones, so make sure to keep a pair in your bag. A change of clothes is the final important gym bag necessity on our list. Why get all freshened up after a workout just to put your sweaty clothes back on? Packing your clothes the night before into your gym bag is a great way to plan out your outfit and also to drag yourself to the gym!

Having everything you may need in your gym bag for a great workout is important, but making sure that you take care of your body physically afterwards is integral for muscle growth and development. For relief from pain after a workout, try SSLA Lifestyle’s Soothe: a Deep Penetrating Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream. This aloe based rub provides temporary relief from muscle and joint pain, as well as pain and swelling associated with arthritis. Soothe is the perfect addition to your gym bag for a serious cool-down, literally! For more information you can check out Soothe at

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