Attention All Weekend Warriors: This Lifestyle System Will Help You Live Your Best Life

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A big thank you to the lovely Grace Goldman for putting together this wonderful piece, originally published on Medium, about SSLA Lifestyle and the Weekend Warrior in all of us. To view more of Grace's work, you can visit her site HERE!

Dr. Raj is the only lifestyle surgeon of his kind and is the creator of the Sports Surgeon LA (SSLA) brand and product line, which was designed for those of us who work hard during the week and play even harder on the weekends.

You’re a champion of the work week and yet you still manage to squeeze in time for exercise. You work all week and somehow find the energy to stay active all weekend. You are a weekend warrior and Dr. Raj has created a lifestyle system that is just for you.

Dr. Raj is a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist who created the SSLA brand to enhance your body, mind, and spirit. He is dedicated to enhancing your lifestyle and helping you live your best life, pain free!

The SSLA Lifestyle

Dr. Raj is a leader in stem cell technology and he believes that stem cell treatments will ultimately transform the medical field, which is why he created this no compromise stem cell based product line that will help you become the best possible version of yourself. His mastery of stem cell therapies and his commitment to his patients encouraged the development of the SSLA products, RESTORE and SOOTHE.



Sports Surgeon LA — RESTORE

RESTORE is a stem-cell-based supplement and whole body restoration system. This is the only product of its kind on the market that addresses the main issues associated with aging, health, and well-being. This system was developed for men and women of all ages who wish to enhance the way they look and feel and return their body to its optimal state.

This daily regimen of nutrients was created to foster a healthy immune system and to allow your body to repair itself more efficiently. RESTORE supports bone and joint function, glowing skin, and healthy hair and nails. This product contains stem cell activators which improve the stem cell count in your body. It also contains glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that promotes cellular health, and turmeric which has strong anti-inflammatory properties. This supplement is revolutionary due to its natural anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and stem cell promoting properties.



Sports Surgeon LA — SOOTHE

SOOTHE is a heat cream that helps relieve muscle and joint pain to support prolonged health and to keep you staying active for longer. This deep penetrating pain relief rub is an anti-inflammatory that provides comfort for sore and achy muscles and joints and alleviates the pain associated with arthritis. SOOTHE is an all natural cream that is perfect for people of all ages who suffer from muscle and joint pain.

Not Your Average Surgeon

Dr. Raj utilizes only the most technologically advanced equipment and techniques in order to deliver the best possible experience to his patients. This includes a variety of stem cell treatments such as bone marrow stem cell, amniotic stem cell, and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapies. These treatments focus on joint and soft tissue repair which help patients reduce hospitalization time and speed up the recovery process. He delivers top notch health care while aiming to relieve pain, repair injuries, and give patients back the quality of life and endurance they once had.

Dr. Raj combined his commitment to providing exceptional care, along with his expertise in stem cell treatments in order to create this one of a kind lifestyle system. It is a true lifestyle health and wellness system and is guaranteed to enhance your quality of life and overall well-being!

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